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B.M. Garrett
United States
The Alpha Universe: The Origin Saga is a Sci-Fi universe created by B.M. Garrett. The website is a source for fans to be able to familiarize themselves with this vast saga filled with peril and conflict.

The entire Alpha Universe has been at war since the beginning of time. Celestial beings known as Daystars, Darkstars and Titans have warred for control of the entire universe since before the universe came into existence. Unfortunately for the countless mortal beings throughout the universe who have been swept into the war, they have the consequence of becoming unwilling pawns in a war spearheaded by demigods. A war that has lasted for trillions of Cosmic Years and has taken the lives of countless beings. What choice do mortals have when entire galaxies are destroyed, species exterminated and star clusters enslaved? You either side with the Daystars for protection and to fend against the tide of evil or you submit to the growing darkness of the Darkstars and Titans that spreads throughout the universe.

The Origin Saga: The Eternal War is the first upcoming novel by B.M. Garrett depicting the beginning of the end of the Alpha Universe. Visit the website to learn more about the universe and any news and updates!

For starters, read about the popular series The Undead Wars:

Billions of Cosmic Years ago, a war was raged that began the upstart of the Darkstar’s empire called the Fallen Kingdom. Learn how the immortal Necrosis brought an entire galaxy to its knees for his master, Sire Vengeance.…

Current Residence: Nevada
It’s been a few months. A lot of things have been going on since the original launch of the website back in October. There have been no updates since the launch…I know. The launch was just a way of getting the website out the door, so to speak. It was a huge project. For the past few months we have been working on updates to the website and have been deciding on the route to take with the site. The Undead Wars has become the favorite of visiting readers and we also learned what was working with the website and what wasn’t liked so much.

It’s great to announce that the website has received some considerable traffic since its launch. For a newly launched website, the numbers have been good.  But this is for the long haul, not really looking at the short term. It’s more about focusing on the larger picture. So what is the larger picture? Content, content and more content.

So right now, let’s talk about the Spring update and what has changed.

1. New elements have been added to the website (Header, footer, footer banner, buttons, background, content background).

2. New featured article slides.

3. Comments can now be posted on pages.

4. Writing structure and font colors have been changed.

5. There is an updated character art for Necrosis in the Undead Wars.

6. Grammatical and spelling errors have been fixed (Still may be some).

7. A brand new Facebook page has been created.

8. “The Beginning” section has been updated with a new illustration.

9. Sire Death and Eternal Hope character profiles have been updated.

10. Characters section has been updated.

So a lot of work has gone into this overall update of the website. Also, we’ve worked on a lot of new content that will be coming soon. From now on, expect to see weekly updates every Friday. Most of the time they will be posts but some of the things to look forward to are The Undead Wars Series 2, new character profiles, the Environment section opening up, wallpapers and much more! Thank you all for your patience and we hope you enjoy your stay. Remember to subscribe to the website and spread the word!
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  • Watching: Futurama
  • Playing: Rift, Starcraft 2 -Just got the new Alienware M17x
  • Eating: Whatever I can.
  • Drinking: Water


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